Scientific Editing

DiscoverSys believes in science for all, meaning helping researchers in any part of the globe to communicate their research findings by removing the language barrier. The scientific editing provides scientific editorial assistance to authors of manuscripts in all medical/scientific disciplines, affording authors a greater likelihood of being accepted for publication in high impact factor journals. This is not only a premium quality, English language editing, but also a pre-review process for your scientific research/review articles. In fact, we do not have any language editors, but scientists on your field will review your manuscript and suggest changes in regard to scientific content as well as flow of the language. Our focus is to improve the science, clarity and sense of the manuscript, so that your results stand out.

All these services are provided at a fraction of cost that as low as 50 Canadian dollars and above. Also for qualified researchers, this service is provided free-of-charge. Contact [email protected] for a no-obligation quote.

We provide high-quality editing by native English-speaking scientists with relevant scientific, technical or medical background that is matched to your area of research. Our editors are native English speakers with a doctorate in bio-medical research and working as scientists North American Universities.

Our service concentrates on improving your written English so that your research results stand out. Editors focus on correcting spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation errors. They will change improper language and rephrase sentences that sound awkward or unnatural. Editors use their scientific training to point out language in your document that is vague or confusing and will work on style to make the article sound more professional. Importantly, we also provide comments on the study as to their quality or any other major improvements as needed. However, editors will not edit for research content or formatting and will not translate text from another language.

Our guarantee

DiscoverSys Scientific Editing stands behind the quality of our work. We are confident that our editing will improve your chances of publication. (However, we cannot guarantee that your manuscript will be published; please see our 'disclaimer' below.) If a publisher rejects your manuscript for reasons of English language alone, and we believe that you have made a good-faith effort to incorporate our changes, we will re-edit your manuscript one additional time for free. Unfortunately we cannot extend this guarantee to manuscripts that have been rewritten after our editors have performed their revisions. For that reason, we recommend that you upload your manuscript in its final form, just before you send it to the journal.

Editing sample

The best way to explain the service that DiscoverSys Scientific Editing provides is to show you an example. Here is a real example of our editing service…

Original Document Edited Document
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